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107 Lit Gifts for Book Lovers


Are you looking for some lit gifts for the book lovers in your life? We’ve got a list of 110 of the best gifts for readers in 2022 that are sure to delight any bookworm! People who enjoy reading value creativity and imagination, so feel free to branch out from the classic gift ideas. 

Coffee mug with READ pattern

Read, Read, Read (Black) Mug designed and sold by Shannelle C.

Best Gifts for Book Lovers

Your loved ones will be in a reading frenzy with this list of the best gifts for book lovers — they won’t get enough of them! 

1. I’m Booked coffee (or tea!) mug 

Nothing pairs better with reading than a hot beverage. Your bookworm buddy will enjoy this mug advertising their plans to spend the weekend in the pages of a book.

2. Reality vs Reading tote bag 

A tote bag is a perfect gift for carrying books from the library, store, or school. This reality vs reading tote bag also lets people know the carrier is in a hurry to get back to reading and leave reality behind.

3. A gift card to their favorite book store

A gift card is one of the easiest ways to ensure your book-loving people get what they want. 

4. Book Lover iPhone case

Some readers prefer books, while others do most of their reading on their phones. Help them advertise their bibliomania with this Book Lover iphone case lest the person sitting next to them thinks they are wasting their time on social media.

5. Cottagecore Autumn Bookworm throw blanket 

Give the gift of snuggly comfort with a throw blanket. Perfect for getting cozy with a book on the couch or creating a private reading fort. If your friend loves the cottagecore aesthetic, this cottagecore autumn bookwork throw blanket is a must.

6. Amber reading light 

An amber reading light is a useful gift for protecting a reader’s circadian rhythm and providing a warm reading experience. 

7. Book lovers T-shirt 

Take a look. It’s in a book! Any 80s or 90s baby will appreciate this playful retro T-shirt that can be dressed up or down. 

8. Purple-Blue and Silver Thistle hardcover journal 

A beautiful hardcover journal is a great way for bibliomaniacs to write their thoughts down as they move through a story, keep track of their TBR list, or even write their own book. The fairy tale vibe of this Purple-Blue and SIlver Thistle hardcover journal is sure to inspire anyone who opens it to start drafting stories of mythical creatures like unicorns and dragons.

9. Book cover 

A book cover will protect the books you’re reading from sticky fingers and make a practical gift for those who like to read physical books without damaging them.

10. Book-inspired necklace  

A quick internet search will give you all kinds of book-inspired necklaces. Find just the right one for your friends. 

Coasters with old-fashioned library card print

Library Card Coasters designed and sold by Manda Lyn LaCorte

Unique Gifts for Readers

You’ll want to bookmark this list of unique gifts for readers. They might not be what you’d think of immediately for your book-loving friends, but they’ll probably love them anyway. 

11. Hygge Reading apron 

Why would a reader want an apron? Because book lovers typically love all things warm and cozy. An apron provides a pop of style while making your favorite treats, and this hygge reading apron will inspire them to bake a batch of cookies before escaping into their book.

12. Bookends 

A unique and beautiful gift for book lovers is a pair of bookends that hold up all your favorite books. They can be stately or quirky, as long as they’re heavy enough to do the job!

13. Book subscription 

A book subscription can come in many forms — monthly deliveries of paper books or a digital subscription. 

14. Book cookie cutter 

Give the gift of a book-shaped cookie cutter and perhaps even make your loved one a batch of cookies as an added treat while they read.

15. Eyeglasses holder

There are so many unique eyeglasses holders out there. Perfect for the reader who is constantly misplacing their readers or blue-light glasses.

16. A film of their favorite book 

Do you have people in your life who always read the book before watching the film but enjoy both? The movie version of their favorite book might make the best gift! 

17. Book Lover Tarot Card jigsaw puzzle

Puzzles are great for when a book gets too heavy emotionally or when a book hangover hits. Keep the literary theme going with a puzzle of a classic book cover or this Book Lover Tarot Card jigsaw puzzle. Throw in the supplies they’ll need to frame the poster so it becomes a piece of art!

18. Bean bag chair 

A big, fluffy bean bag chair is an awesome present for book lovers who want to sink into a chair that acts like a hug when reading a tear-jerker.

19. Book vase 

A bouquet of flowers tucked into a ceramic vase designed to look like a book is an easy and beautiful gift. 

20. Old books candle

Bibliosmia, or the smell of old books, is a favorite scent for many bookworms. If your friend habitually smells the pages of books, don’t judge them — get them an old book candle!

Black spiral notebook with gold bibliophile print

Gold Bibliophile Black Spiral Notebook designed and sold by Stella Bookish Art

Luxury Gifts for Book Lovers 

Luxury gifts for book lovers take the gift-giving game up a notch. When you lavish your friends with luxury, you show them that they are worth lavishing themself with self-care practices.  

21. Cozy Saturday duvet cover

Make staying in bed all day to read a regular habit with this Cozy Saturday duvet cover. Help your pal stay warm and cozy while they avoid the real world in favor of a fictional one.

22. Daydreaming Again artboard print 

An artboard print makes a luxurious gift to adorn the gift-receivers walls, making their space more welcoming and vibrant. This Daydreaming Again artboard print is perfect for readers and writers alike.

23. Expandable tub tray 

A bamboo tub tray is the perfect tool for reading in the tub, plus you can add a glass of wine. No more soggy pages!

24. First edition book cover art print 

The hardcore book lovers will adore a first edition book cover art print from their favorite book or author. 

25. What’s In Here? acrylic block art 

Acrylic block art makes a substantial and elegant statement piece on a desk and adds texture and personality to a space. It can even double as a bookend in a pinch. This What’s In Here? acrylic block art depicts a baby dragon standing on a pile of books and dipping his nose in a steaming beverage, basically the 

26. Miniature book locket necklace 

If you have a sentimental loved one, a miniature book locket necklace touches on their love of books, and you can add a sweet photo inside to showcase your love for them. 

27. Trip to a literary site  

Go big with a full-on trip somewhere. Visit a literary theme park or visit an author’s home like the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum.

28. Blue-light-blocking glasses 

Blue light can interfere with getting a solid night of sleep, so blue-light-blocking glasses are perfect for supporting a late-night ebook habit. 

29. Comfy reading chair and throw pillow

If you know the gift recipient’s style well, you can invest in a comfy reading chair where they can enjoy their favorite stories. Don’t forget an I Just Want to Read throw pillow to make the reading experience even more relaxing.

30. Modern bookshelf  

You can find bookshelves, big and small, that hold plenty of books, plants, and art to make their reading space pop.

Pale teal a-line dress with book pattern

All the Books on Aqua – Back to School – Book Lover A-line Dress designed and sold by littlearrow

Inexpensive Gifts for Book Lovers

Gift industry trends for 2022 show that thoughtfulness often means more than cost. These inexpensive gifts let the readers in your life know you care without breaking the bank.

31. Rainbow Books Shelf Patterned mouse pad 

They may not be able to have all their books with them at work, but this Rainbow Books Shelf Patterned mouse pad will keep the bookish vibe going throughout their day. 

32. Book Dinosaur sticker 

It’s basically blasphemy to put a sticker on a book, but this book dinosaur sticker can adorn all kinds of devices like an e-reader. 

33. Personalized bookmark 

You can make a homemade bookmark or purchase a personalized bookmark to make saving your spot easy and personal. 

34. Nose in a Book spiral notebook 

A spiral notebook is the best place to jot down notes about life, books you’re reading, dreams, and anything else that inspires you. This Nose in a Book spiral notebook and a new pen are sure to inspire.

35. Black Cat Bookmark zipper pouch 

This little Black Cat Bookmark zipper pouch holds pens, makeup, or any other items for the book lovers in your life. 

36. Portable night light 

A portable night light makes reading anywhere easy peasy. Out under the stars? Check. Laying in bed? Check. Just don’t forget to include the batteries!

37. So Many Books pin 

Pins are like candy for your backpack. This So Many Books pin represents a love for reading. 

38. Bath bomb 

Reading is all about relaxing, and so is dipping into a steamy bath with a bath bomb. Add the perfect bath mat or shower curtain to complete the ultimate bookish spa.

39. Ballpoint pen 

Everyone loves a really nice ballpoint pen. It’s inexpensive, practical, and will likely be used every single day. Perfect for making notes in the margins or underlining favorite lines.

40. Herbal tea kit 

Sit down to a good book with a mug of herbal tea. An herbal tea kit comes with everything you need for your next cuppa. 

water bottle with No Shelf Control sticker

No Shelf Control Sticker designed and sold by Manda Lyn LaCorte

Gifts for Book Lovers That Aren’t Books

There are plenty of gifts for book lovers that aren’t books. These gifts might make reading a more comfortable experience, or they might just be a nod to your loved one’s enjoyment of words. 

41. Library Card coaster set 

Just say no to water rings on your favorite coffee table with a Library Card coaster set. Good for any reader who always has to have a beverage at hand.

42. A Bookworm’s Belongings floor pillow 

Not everyone likes to sit on furniture when they’re reading. An oversized A Bookworm’s Belongings floor pillow makes reading on the floor that much better. 

43. Library iPhone case 

Represent the gift receiver’s love of books with this library iPhone case. It’s sturdy and adorable. 

44. So Many Books leggings

Leggings are perfect for reading on a lazy Sunday or working out while listening to an audiobook and these So Many Books leggings are no exception!

45. Foam reading pillow with back support 

A foam reading pillow with back support provides a comfortable reading experience without the need for furniture. 

46. Most Ardently framed art print 

Framed literary quotes are a great accessory for any office. If your reader pal is a fan of the ultimate love story Pride and Prejudice, this Most Ardently framed art print is perfect!

47. Clip-on book light 

A clip-on book light is a handy little gadget that clips right onto your book so that you can see well in the dark. 

48. Coffee subscription  

A coffee subscription is fantastic for keeping those peepers open longer so you can read for hours into the night. 

49. Book decal for stairs 

Have you ever seen those staircases that look like a library? A book decal goes beneath each step, making it look like a miniature bookshelf. 

50. Owl and wand duffle bag 

Magic fans will appreciate this owl and wand duffle bag — both whimsical and functional. 

Black throw pillow with dragon reading books with a cup of tea

The Librarian’s Horde Throw Pillow designed and sold by Rebekie Bennington

Gifts for Comic Book Lovers

Back in the day, comic books were all the rage. You could even find them in grocery store aisles. Now comics are in various mediums like television shows, graphic novels, and printed on T-shirts. 

51. Dragon T-shirt 

Dragons are par for the course in the comic book world. If the gift receiver enjoys fantasy, they’ll love this dragon T-shirt.

52. An anime drawing class 

If you have a comic book lover in your life, they likely enjoy drawing as well. An anime drawing class might be right up their alley if they do. 

53. Crying Comic Girl tapestry 

Zooming in on emotions is a classic way to emphasize a feeling in comic books. This crying comic girl tapestry is perfect for warming up your comic book lair and setting the vibe.

54. Falling Sakura Cherry Blossom hat 

Cherry blossoms are a classic in the anime world, and this hat would go well for most occasions. 

55. Vintage comic postcards 

Comic postcards are a remarkable art piece or a practical piece of stationery for someone who likes to write letters to friends. 

56. Comic book frame 

Does your loved one have a comic book collection? A comic book frame will keep their favorites protected and on display. 

57. Speech bubble earrings 

Speech bubble earrings are both creative and stylish — perfect for the comic book lovers in your life. 

58. Boom comic book mini skirt

It doesn’t get more loud and fun than this comic mini skirt. It’ll be perfect for summertime adventures (or in winter with a pair of leggings).

Canvas print of a bookworms belongings (tote bag, tea, coffee, etc)

A Bookworm’s Belongings Canvas Print designed and sold by ohjessmarie

DIY Gifts for Book Lovers

Bibliophiles unite! If you love books, you just might have copious amounts of creative juices flowing through your veins. These DIY gifts are simple enough that you can make them for all of your book-loving friends.

59. Bookish greeting card 

So many books, so little time greeting card is an excellent addition to a DIY gift. Add in a thoughtful note, and you’re good to go. 

60. Heirloom book box 

Order a pre-made book box and hand-paint it to match your loved one’s favorite book — they can store their treasures inside. 

61. Waterproof book cover 

Protect treasured books with a waterproof book cover made from oilcloth and self-adhesive Velcro. 

62. Book photo frame 

Create a frame inside the gift receiver’s favorite book, and then pop a sweet photo of you two inside. 

63. Monogrammed velvet ribbon 

A simple and beautiful bookmark that also looks elegant and is personalized to the recipient complements the grandeur of old books.

64. Japanese-style bound book 

Create a book by binding together letters, notes, drawings, and other sweet memories for your loved one. 

65. E-reader lap pillow 

Sew up a lap pillow to hold your beloved’s e-reader so they can read and relax at the same time — without the hand cramps. 

66. Succulent planter 

Look for a favorite book and carve out the pages in the center to make a planter for some succulents — just remember to waterproof it. 

67. Composition book crocheted throw blanket  

You know those old-school composition books that look like noise on a TV screen? Crochet a version for your book-loving friends with some black and white yarn.

White tote bag with books, tea, and glasses icons

Sorry I Can’t, My Weekend Is Booked Tote Bag designed and sold by esztersletters

Gifts for Teenage Book Lovers

Maybe it’s always been this way, but it seems that teenagers these days are more open about their love for books. They’re sure to love these awesome teen-oriented books. 

68. Believe in Yourshelves laptop skin

Help them show off their love of reading and offer a word of encouragement at the same time with this Believe in Yourshelves laptop skin. Bonus points if the laptop skin is punny!

69. Romantic Walks in the Bookstore hoodie

Everyone loves a comfy hoodie, especially a teenager looking to hide in a fictional universe for a while. This lightweight Romantic Walks in the Bookstore hoodie is up to the task.

70. Emotionally Attached To Fictional Characters sticker 

Pretty much everyone can relate to this sticker, especially the highly-emotional teenagers. 

71. Banned books heat reactive mug 

Nothing says rebellion like reading banned books. This heat-reactive mug will tell you all about it. 

72. Another Quiet Spot drawstring bag 

Drawstring bags are always handy for stuffing all of the many things teens carry around with them on their way to practice or the pool. This Another Quiet Spot drawstring bag highlights the perfect reading spot.

73. Postcards

For a fun challenge, convince your teen to replace the text messages with these I Just Want to Read postcards

74. Character plushies 

Just because teens are pushing on adulthood doesn’t mean they don’t still love plushies. Character plushies are the way to go. 

75. Scratch off reading poster 

Find a scratch-off poster that will inspire young readers to keep reading. They can scratch off the books as they complete them! 

76. Pointing finger bookmark 

This handy little bookmark stretches around the book, and you orient the pointing finger to where you are on the page. 

77. Pillow shaped like a book 

Teens can take this pillow to class and rest their heads. When the teacher asks why they’re sleeping, they can pop up and say they’re reading. 

White cell phone case with Read All the Books banner

Read all the books iPhone Case designed and sold by elisavictoria

Cool Gifts for Book Lovers

Your friends will feel some textual chemistry with these cool gifts for book lovers. If cool tech is their jam, this is the list for them. 

78. Book Nerds Poster 

Book nerds aren’t ashamed of their book nerdiness. Stand loud and proud with this book nerds poster

79. An e-reader 

An e-reader is an awesome gift for techie book lovers. A lot of people use e-readers on their phones, while others prefer a dedicated e-reader. 

80. Bluetooth speaker 

Some people prefer to listen to their books. A long-lasting Bluetooth speaker is great for audiobook aficionados. 

81. Bedside lamp and USB charger 

Reading at night doesn’t need to be a chore. Never suffer from a dead phone in the middle of your favorite chapter again. 

82. Bookworm Antique Book Library clock 

It’s easy to get lost in a book, so a clock makes a great gift for readers. This Bookworm Antique Book Library clock makes a great addition to any library or office space without ruining the vibe.

83. Smart digital bookmark 

This bookmark tracks your reading times and even provides light to make reading easier. 

84. An accordion book light 

Accordion book lights are so cool and vibrant. People always comment on these when they light up a room. 

85. A book-shaped USB drive 

Store all of your files on a book-shaped USB drive — the digital version of storing and reading information. 

86. Bedside organizer 

A bedside organizer will hold everything you need to read your favorite books without scrambling around looking for chargers, lights, books, or bookmarks. 

87. Book-shaped bed lamp 

Protect those eyes with an awesome bed lamp that book lovers will enjoy. 

Spiral notebook with We Are Made of Stories text

We Are Made of Stories Spiral Notebook Designed and Sold by Risa Rodil

Funny Gifts for Book Lovers

For the literary friend who enjoys a good bookish pun, these funny gifts will be sure to delight.

88. One More Chapter mouse pad 

Do people still use mouse pads? Of course they do, even if they’re on laptops. You can find all kinds of funny literary mouse pads

89. Armed with Knowledge sweatshirt 

Arm yourself with knowledge by reading a lot. Or just be an octopus. Either way, your friends will love this sweatshirt

90. A novel backpack (shaped like a book) 

Do you love novels so much that you want a backpack shaped like one? This would be a funny gift for friends who would appreciate the silliness. 

91. A personal library kit 

Perfect for those book lenders who are serious about getting their loaned books back. 

92. An inflatable book holder 

Who wouldn’t love a floatie for their books while reading in the tub? Just hope it doesn’t tip over. 

93. Bookmark notes notepad 

Is it a bookmark? A notepad? With a bookmark notes notepad, you won’t have to decide! Handy for noting any lines a reader wants to remember.

94. Popcorn popper 

Everyone needs a big bowl of popcorn while reading a favorite book. Don’t forget the butter! (Just wipe your fingers before you turn a page!)

95. Library card ornaments  

You can purchase or craft your own library card ornaments. Better yet, find some vintage library cards and hang ‘em up. 

96. I Work To Support My Reading Addiction mask 

Does your loved one choose to stay home and read instead of going out with friends? Then this mask is for them. 

97. Diversify Yo Shelf  poster 

Books can change the world, which is why some people try to ban them. Advertise your reader’s commitment to diversity and free speech with this Diversify Yo Shelf post

Green apron with a cat on a pile of books and a teapot

How to Hygge Like a Cat Apron designed and sold by micklyn

Literary Books for Gift Lovers

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Of course, with this list of literary books for gift lovers, it’ll absolutely be the best of times. 

98. Alice In Wonderland scarf 

A scarf and Alice in Wonderland together? Yes, please. The floatiness of a scarf is perfect for this whimsical tale. 

99. Classics cross stitch 

You can buy cross-stitch art of a friend’s favorite characters or make it yourself. 

100. Author figurines

Ranging from quirky to statuesque, you can find figures of all your friend’s favorite authors, from the classics to the contemporary. Perfect for decorating bookshelves!

101. Book lovers cookbook 

Do you want to cook your favorite Harry Potter meals or perhaps other menu items from classic or cult-favorite literature? A cookbook focused on a favorite literary world is the best option for your reader who is also a foodie.

102. A mug printed with classic first sentences 

To be or not to be. You know the one. A mug printed with classic first sentences will bring a smile to anyone’s face who knows a little about literature. 

103. Shot glasses reminiscent of famous authors 

Some of our favorite authors were known to be a bit heavy-handed with the drink, so give the gift of shot glasses as a nod to the OG writers. 

104. Shakespeare-inspired cocktail book 

Do you have a book and cocktail lover on your hands? A Shakespeare-inspired cocktail book will be both whimsical and fun. 

105. Playing cards with great literary writers 

Why not elevate your classic card game with a touch of the classics — books, that is. 

106. Raven and skull sticker 

Any poetry lover, especially Edgar Allan Poe, will appreciate this raven and skull sticker

107. Margaret Atwood-inspired t-Shirt 

Any Margaret Atwood fan will love this t-shirt inspired by the quote, “In the end, we all become stories.” 

Black and white baseball shirt with on octopus holding 8 books

Armed with Knowledge Baseball ¾ Sleeve Tshirt Designed and Sold by Martina Scott

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to finding the perfect gift for book lovers in your life. Settle down with your favorite mug of tea, and pull out a summer book list to help inspire some ideas for your next gift-giving soiree. If you need more gift ideas and your book lover is also an anime lover, check out these anime-themed gifts or our list of teacher gift ideas.

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